Best Movies are the Best source of Entertainment

Mostly everyone like movies whatever they are English movies of Hollywood, Hindi movies of Bollywood or Hindi dubbed movies.

today a lots of new movies are released those are the super Bollywood and Hollywood movies for all the time. In these movies there are many lessons for all the people.

movies also effect the understating as because it comes with new idea of movie.

theme of every movie is also the most popular thing as because it increases the number of viewers.

now we will discuss about types of movies according to language.


now here i will show you the latest movies according to upper categories of movies

  • ZERO 

This film is one of the best movies of Shah rukh khan. in this movies Zero, the role of king khan is the main role as a small height person which wants to get  marry.

katrina kaif  is also playing the best role of acting in this movies. the name of the movies is due to small height of shah rukh khan or the famous king khan.


in the list of movies of 2018 and the movies of 2019 movie SIMBA also comes.

main role in this movie is of Ranveer Singh.

we can aslo say that this is one of the best movie of Ranveer Singh. In this movies he is acting the role of a police officer. this police officer changes his behavior and habits due to a sudden accident . Ajay Devgan, Sonu sood and the senior actor Ashutosh Rana are playing the best roll in this super hit movie.

Many more super hit Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies are coming in the category of movies of 2019.


in 2019 there is very good scope of movies as a good resource of entertainment because couples and children and also the house wives want to spend some time with great happiness.

so as we know 2018 is now at its end so that,s why new year gifts in the shape of movies are now in the cinema.

so what are you waiting for…

go in your nearest cinema and enjoy the time with the latest movies and also by the upcoming movies of 2019.